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Leadership – Robert J. Begley

Bob Begley brings a tremendous depth of experience to every business relationship. His first-hand involvement in public and privately-held companies helped form the structured operational and financial guidance Bob provides his clients today.

Growing his own company to 56 drug stores plus 175 dry cleaning plants, while adding several other businesses, enabled Bob to take the company public—another level of experience.

BEGLEY COMPANY, Chairman, CEO & President                          

$249 million annual revenue; $43 million EBIT in 2023 dollars.

A NASDAQ public company with 1300 employees.

The Company operated in ten states and consisted of:

·      56 drug stores

       175 dry cleaning stores

       6 home health care/convalescent aid stores.

       A manufacturer of drive-in windows

       Advertising agency and printing company

Bob’s depth of leadership continued beyond his own companies as he served as Chairman on several boards, retail federations and associations.


       Vice-Chairman of the Board, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Washington, DC

       Chairman of the Board, Affiliated Drug Stores, New York, NY

       Chairman of the Board, Kentucky Retail Federation

       Chairman of the Board, Southern Drug Association

       Board Member, Associated Industries of Kentucky

       Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

       Kentucky Economic Development Council which was a Governor appointment.

Education remained an important focus in running and growing Begley Company. His love for education and helping others led him to also serve on College and University boards in the state of Kentucky.


       Vice-Chairman of the Board of Regents, Eastern Kentucky University – Governor Appointment

       Board Member, Midway College

       Board Member, Kentucky Education Foundation



University of Kentucky

University of Cincinnati School of Pharmacy



Series Seven – General Securities Representative – National

Series Sixty-Five – Uniform Investment Advisor – National

Series Sixty-Three – Uniform Securities Agent – Florida

Real Estate Associate – Florida

Eagle Scout

Melissa Bacon is the Executive Assistant to Bob Begley, president of Robert J. Begley Advisory Group. She had a career in banking for 11 years in Lexington, Kentucky. Subsequently, she served for 12 years on the Fayetteville County Board of Education also in Lexington, and was a Chairman of the Board for 4 of those years. She is a strong professional, skilled in Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Event Planning, and is an integral part of the Begley team. 

In addition to her leadership expertise, Melissa is focused on building relationships through team collaboration which will provide specific solutions to client needs.


We are a different kind of business advisory company.  Our uniquely personal and hands-on approach has been helping businesses achieve a variety of corporate objectives since 1989.  We forge partnerships that sometimes range from participation on the board of directors to serving as a part-time or temporary Chief Financial Officer. 

Aa a Florida-based company led by Bob Begley, we provide guidance in several key business areas including strategic planning, customer relations,  management of human resources, CFO level oversight, organizational blueprints and rapid growth sales plans. We can facilitate the buying and selling of businesses and provide the guidance needed for a successful merger or acquisition. 

Bob is joined by a support group which includes legal, accounting, commercial real estate brokerage and marketing team members.  We view every partner and their business as unique. Your needs may be focused in one area or more encompassing in scale.  Whether you are a small or medium sized business, we first take a holistic view through a discovery process and do our homework before suggesting any particular course of action.

Identifying potential and existing problems in the organizational, financial, HR and sales and marketing areas of our partners is the first step toward developing strategies for improvement and growth.

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