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Whether you plan to sell your business or grow it to bold new heights, you must build a solid organization and operation in order to achieve your corporate objectives. Attaining positive returns on all of your human and financial capital investments is essential in maximizing the value of your company. We have the experience and proven track-record to help you create efficiencies in all of the the critical areas of your business.


Creating financial stability and break-through growth have been the central motivating challenges Bob Begley has embraced his entire business career.  He likes to say, ” I have been where you are as a business owner and I know how gratifying it is to build a solid company of which you can be proud”.  

As Chairman and CEO of Begley Company for 17 years, it was the addition of his Chief Financial Officer mentality and skillset that significantly impacted the growth of his small company into one that became publicly traded on NASDAQ with assets that included 56 drugstores, 175 dry cleaning stores and several other businesses across 10 states.

Streamlining operations, creating cultures where delegation becomes part of the fabric and holding managers accountable for attaining financial goals–while offering incentives– were just some of the keys to success.  Bob grew the company to over 1300 employees with gross revenues of 209 million annual revenue; $36 million EBT; in 2021 dollars before successfully selling the company to Rite Aid.

Shortly after the sale of Begley Company, Bob founded Robert J Begley management service to help early stage companies grow.  His clients have included pharmaceutical manufacturers, a rapid prototyping company and a medical equipment supplier among many others.  He will often serve on the board of companies with whom he works as he likes to be hands-on in helping to achieve break-through growth.

In addition to early stage companies, the Robert J Begley Group assists established firms that need guidance to reach the next level. Specialties include mergers & acquisitions, strengthening companies preparing to sell, exit and succession planning, commercial real estate and business brokerage.

Bob and his associates value relationships, hard work and integrity as they consistently demonstrate these values in all of their business dealings

" Decide what direction to take, use your best judgement and take action!"

Do not procrastinate!


Learn the steps you can take to best position your company prior to presenting it to the market.
Gain control of the sale and maximize your return. Acquire deep insight into what your business is worth. Identify buyers that are fully qualified and ready to invest in a business like yours.


We can help you evaluate the financial and operational reality of any business you are looking to acquire.
Negotiate from a position of strength through experience and knowledge. Should funding be required, understand the various options and which one may be best for you.


Whether you are building a business or acquiring one, it is important to consider exit strategies and maximizing value.
Operationalize your business to run efficiently and produce steady growth. This will maximize your position for exit and succession whether it comes sooner or later than planned.

Looking to Grow Your Business or Prepare to Sell It?


We take a straight-forward approach to helping you gain financial stability and grow your company. It’s pretty simple. We spend time with you and your company uncovering opportunities and eliminating barriers.

We find it provides much greater value and produces real results over having you tell us where you think you need help and then ask a hundred questions.


We have never met a successful business owner that said running a business day-to-day, planning for the future and dealing with the unexpected was easy.

You work hard and make a a hundred decisions a week.  Some are financial, some involve personnel and of course some involve making choices about how to drive sales and reach the next level.

The mantra of “work hard, play hard” is often used, but sometimes it is hard to enjoy the ride when you don’t have a good handle on all of the areas you’d like.  We love helping business owners create organizational efficiencies that allow them to take their companies to the places they really want to go.  And of course take those well-deserved days off.

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